Over the summer, we finally decided we were ready for a third child, but I never expect a positive pregnancy test. One Friday in October, I got sick with a stomach bug, so I thought. My teacher assistant at work was convinced I was pregnant, and I kept shrugging her off. Then over the weekend I did the math and well it looked like I needed to take a pregnancy test.

So Tuesday morning, I took the test. When Scott woke up, I told him I took a test. He said, “And????” I said, “How do you feel about June 15?” Luckily, he was happy; I was still in shock.

Sometimes I’m still in shock. I’m teaching full time this year and will continue teaching full time which means we will have 3 kids in 3 different places – makes me wonder what I was thinking. But it’s one of those things where you can’t picture what your life will look like or how it will work until you’re in it.

Now I am almost 20 weeks, and we are preparing our home for our third child – re-organzing, moving furniture, purging, and preparing the girls. Elise is 6 and she has an idea of what’s coming. Maggie is 3 and she has no clue. Just last night Maggie said she would share mommy with daddy, Katniss (the cat), and Elise but not the baby. Clearly, this summer will be tons of fun helping Maggie adjust. πŸ™‚

We told the girls after my 8 week sonogram that I was pregnant. This video captures their personalities perfectly. Enjoy!

Telling Elise and Maggie pt. 1 from Scott McClellan on Vimeo.

A “So Good, So Good” Duet of “Sweet Caroline”

So Sunday was Pentecost and our church had a festival complete with food trucks, bounce houses, face painting, balloon animals, and karaoke. Scott (green striped shirt) got pulled up there with a friend, Jason, and I, of course, captured it all on video. They had fun singing “Sweet Caroline” – so good, so good! (Cameo appearance by Maggie with the pink balloon animal and turquoise shirt and the cute little boy is Jason’s son).


Sweet Caroline as sung by Scott and Jason from Annie McClellan on Vimeo.

Maggie’s Birthday Party

Maggie turns three on May 11 which is also Mother’s Day, so we had her party a week early. All she asked for was a pink and purple unicorn and all the family to come. She had quite a bit of the family at her party and she looked pleased. I guess she wanted all the attention on her which is fair; it was her party.

We had a great weekend and were happy to have an uncle and grandparents come in from out of town and that everyone local was able to make it. We got to finish the weekend with a nice breakfast at a restaurant (AKA giving me a break from cooking) and checking out the new park.

A little pre-party power nap
Putting the candles in her cake by herself
So happy
All her adoring fans
Modeling their new TCU shirts
Modeling Maggie’s new hat
Maggie is 3 and Elise will be 6 in a month, and they both fit in Maggie’s new 5T outfit – if only they could share nicely.

Playing at the Park from Annie McClellan on Vimeo.


Softball Game

Another week and another softball game, this time my parents and one of my brothers were in town for Maggie’s party, so they got to watch Elise in action. Scott made a video of the highlights of Elise playing pitcher and running to first base. She’s doing pretty good. It’s fun to watch.

Elise’s Softball Highlights from Annie McClellan on Vimeo. Elise is on the pitcher’s mound, fielding and throwing the ball in the first three clips, and the last clip is of her hitting the ball and running to first base.

Uncle Andrew watching the game. Maggie loved to monopolize his attention.
All done with the game and playing with her uncle
Maggie got her own softball set for her birthday and she was ready to practice. Notice she wears the glove while she bats. πŸ™‚


Elise’s Christmas Performances

Elise had a Christmas Program at school and a little dancing set to Christmas music in her ballet class. Let me just say that Elise sings the loudest out of her school friends and dances with the most enthusiasm at ballet class. I am not exaggerating. πŸ™‚

School Christmas Program

Christmas Ballet Dancing

Johnny and Erin’s Wedding

Erin started dating Johnny and hanging out with our family 3 years ago.

Easter 2009

Erin has been so fun to have around; she loves coming to family events and supporting what our family is doing (like giving me tips on how to do a bun for a ballerina and coming to dance recitals).

Meeting in Fort Worth

Cousin's Wedding March 2009

Elise's Baby Dedication

After about 2 years, I think we were all ready to propose for Johnny, but he had a plan. Needless to say, we were all very excited when Johnny proposed at hisΒ Dallas Fire Academy Burn Night, and Erin was, too. πŸ™‚

Elise especially loves Erin, and Johnny and Erin were both so kind to babysit for us about 8 weeks in a row in 2010 even though Elise came to dread to seeing them. Luckily, Elise moved passed that and was thrilled to be a flower girl at their wedding.

Cooking with ErinReady to be a flower girl

We had a lot of fun at Johnny and Erin’s wedding Saturday, November 5, and even Maggie got to have some fun dancing. Happy two week anniversary guys!

Elise and MaggieA glimpse of the flower girls

Getting marriedWith the bride at the reception

Partied out

Hanging out with Uncle Andrew