A Look Ahead

Working all five days this week … Monday for training and then my normal work days at the preschool Tuesday – Friday. Hoping all my children are finally all healthy and my husband and both make it to work all the days. We will see.

Weekend Wear

I count my weekends as Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and sometimes I have a mental plan and sometimes I don’t. I just like to be comfortable and sometimes be dressy casual for church and definitely atheleisure for Pilates on Monday. 🙂





What I Wore on Instagram

Sick kids are throwing me off my game but here’s how two weeks of my outfit planning for school has worked out for me 🙂







A Look Ahead

Everyone had the day off on Monday, so I’m a little behind on putting my outfits together. I feel better now that I’ve done it. 🙂

I pulled out leggings, cardigans, over the knee boots, and my favorite sneakers. It’s a lot of black with neutrals and corals/pinks. When I attempted to overhaul my closet this summer, I noticed shades of coral and pink were the most common color (when you don’t count neutrals – black, gray, white, navy, brown)  in my closet. I guess I like it. 🙂

Many of my items have been around for a while but leopard cardigan and over the knee boots I picked up this year. You can shop those exact items and similar items here.


A Look Ahead

Here are my plans for the week … lots of sweaters and leggings and neutrals 🙂

You can check out the items here or below. Thanks!


This Week on Instagram

I wore some clothes, learned about Limelight by Alcone makeup, and cooked ONE meal (that I wanted to take a picture of – leftovers and burgers aren’t as exciting). I plan on cooking 3-4 next week. 🙂




#OOTD – Maxi Skirt

LuLaRoe Perfect Tee, LuLaRoe Maxi, Flip Flops


LuLaRoe Classic Tee, LuLaRoe Maxi, Krochet Kids Sweatshirt


Cargo vest, White and black striped shirt, LuLaRoe maxi, flip flops

Shop LuLaRoe at LuLaRoe Kristen Shaper Boutique on Facebook

And my flip flops are both Flojos in black and brown.

#OOTD – Jeans

Plaid tunic, Pilcro Parallel Jeans, Silver sandals

Olive tank, cut offs, flip flops

Printed button down, GAP boot cut jeans, flip flops


Joes Jeans, LuLaRoe Perfect Tee, Brooks Chariot Sneakers


Plaid Shirt from Millie Girl Boutique

Joes Jeans: Option 1, Option 2

Pilcro Jeans: Option 1, Option 2

GAP Jeans: Option 1, Option 2

Shoes: Flojos, Birkenstocks, DV Sandals

#OOTD – Blush Slip Ons

LuLaRoe leggings, Pink LuLaroe Irma, Blush Slip ons

So tired (side note found a unicorn on my #lularoeleggings) and I have a towel a vomit bag as an accessory #momlife

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Tshirt, skinny Joes Jeans, slip ons

LuLaRoe Cassie – black with faint white pinstripes, LuLaRoe Randy, Slip ons

Olive green jacket, white t-shirt, LuLaRoe Cassie skirt, slip ons

For LuLaRoe shop LuLaRoe Kristen Shaper


Option 1 @ Target

Option 2 @ Target

Option 3 @ Target

Option 4 – Steve Maddens

Option 5 – Steve Maddens

Option 6 – Faith Blush with Bow

And you can always look for more than one pair during Target’s shoe BOGO