Not like Mommy

Growing up I was a small child, and I was terrified of dogs – especially big, black dogs. My parents have video footage of me running to the garage when the neighbor’s big, black dog comes up the drive way. I also remember climbing a tree because a different neighbor’s big, black dog was chasing me. (This dog actually bit one of its owners and my friend down the street.) So this is my dog experience. My family did have two outside dogs, Toby and Mookie. Toby was some kind of spaniel, and he was old and sickly when I was a child. Mookie was a mutt, and he and I were not close. Mookie later went to live on the farm – for real, this is not a euphemism for death.

Now, you may ask, then why do you have a dog? I don’t know. Three years ago, my sister-in-law, brought a puppy over on my birthday. I thought he was cute, and Scott and I decided to keep him eventhough neither of us are really dog people. Though we knew nothing about dogs or puggles specifically, we have come to love and enjoy Shiner – most of the time 🙂 – but now there is one who loves Shiner the most. I was worried about bringing Elise home because Shiner can get a little wound up, but I was completely unpreprared for the love and affection Elise lavishes on Shiner. And she doesn’t just love Shiner, she loves every dog she sees even great danes. She is obviously not going to be a terrified little girl as I was. 🙂

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