Bloody nose to Haircut

One year ago today, I had finished my first day of school and gone for my usual workout only to be interrupted by a phone call from our agency with the words, “You’ll never believe it but…” I don’t think I’ll ever forget being on the elliptical, listening to Avril Lavigne while watching ESPN debrief Carson Palmer’s bloody nose and its impact on his football season. (His team had a bad season by the way.) This was followed by my hysterical descent down the stairs causing the poor rec center staff to think I was off my rocker, ah the memories. My social worker had to remind me to call Scott, who later tweeted, “So, um, we got matched 2 hours ago. That wasn’t supposed to happen. No guarantees, but here we go. Could fall thru by Sunday.” Thus started the beginning of the end of our fantastic journey to bring Elise home…..Today, I go to work, drop Elise off at school, and wait to see if Elise will display her new found temper tantrum skills when I pick her up. I have no more gym workouts, just sweating it out in the heat with the dog, and I get to see Scott try new things, like giving Elise a haircut. Finally, instead of Avril Lavigne in the background, I have the lull of the white noise machine competing with the TV. Isn’t God amazing? Look what can happen in a year.

(Here’s the link to our old blog It has my original post from this day which was very non-specific.)

Elise's referral photo, 2 months old
Elise's referral photo, 2 months old

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  1. Such an adorable referral picture.
    Way to go Scott on the hair cut. Want to try Isabel’s!! I’ll have to try a lollipop next time I try to fix her hair, maybe that will help her sit still longer.
    I was just remembering the other day about 1.5 years ago sitting in Starbucks both of us just kind of whining about the fact that we were both still waiting. Times sure have changed.

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