Vietnam and Vegas

Originally posted August 8, 2008 on our old Vox blog.

So, it has been at least a week since I last updated. We appreciate all who emailed their Senators and Representatives. JCICS has not put an update on their website. We did get an update from an inside source. 🙂 Our source believes the US government is doing everything they can to help relations with Vietnam. As I understand, getting the Senators involved and Representatives is to help get Secretary Condoleezza Rice’s attention. I don’t think she has looked at any of the letters sent.

Also, we have not made any progress on where we may headed next in this process. We did hear while in Vegas that one more family than our agency originally thought got matched which is good for them but made us the cut off. Anyway, we don’t know what is going to happen, and there is really no point in worrying and trying to speed up our decision. We will just have to wait and pray and see what’s next.

Randomly, we had a waitress during our last dinner in Vegas whose mother runs an orphanage in Russia. The waitress herself runs an aid program in the US for Russian orphans. I only found this out because I was eavesdropping on the man at the table next to us trying to hit on her by saying he wouldn’t be gambling because he had already donated all his money to the Russian orphans. Needless to say, she didn’t fall for it. 🙂

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