Day 2 after Ike

I checked in on my parents this morning. They are still without power, but they do have running water. (They do have a bathtub (and a pool) full of water, so they can flush the toilets should they not have running water.) Their friends in the Bellaire area already have power back and have invited them over. My dad wants to wait a little longer and see if the power comes back on before they head south to Bellaire.

My dad, mom, sister, and brother-in-law checked out my dad’s office and my sister’s house yesterday. Both places had downed fences and no power, but no downed trees or damage to the house or office.

Today they are going to see if they can find a gas station (in northwest Houston) with power, so they can get more gas for the generator. Their neighbors told them where one was. They also heard that eleven HEBs (grocery store) had power and gas; they’re hoping the HEB by them is one of the eleven. I guess they’ll find out. 🙂

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