Day 3

Well, today is day three after Hurricane Ike. My parents still don’t have power, but they’re in good spirits. Scott found these picture today Since I am familiar with the area, it blows my mind to see these places devastated. It is going to take a long time to clean – up.

In other news, Scott and I are still waiting for the USCIS to acknowledge our visa paperwork. Once they do that we will be in the next phase of our adoption process. We are looking forward to the end. Just pray for all our paperwork to get approved and for Elise to be safe and healthy. Thanks!

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  1. Wow … those were some pics I hadn’t seen before. They really capture some of the devastation! Since you have family from there .. that shot of the 523 road (bridge) … is that bridge as inclined as it looks? It seems awfully steep to be real (more like a rollercoaster). I don’t like bridges anyway and I certainly would NOT like driving over that bridge!!!

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