60 Days and Counting

So Tuesday, we got an email from our agency telling us that our I-600 paperwork was submitted on Thursday, September 11. After the paperwork is submitted, USCIS notifies you within two weeks saying they have your paperwork and are working on it. Then the USCIS in Ho Chi Minh City has 60 days to verify the I-600 paperwork and issue Elise’s visa so we can travel to get her. I checked my email this morning before work, and I had an email from the USCIS in Ho Chi Minh City. Five working days after our submission, USCIS notified us to tell us they are verifying our paperwork, so now our 60 day wait starts. Our social worker said they have been move quickly, so maybe it will take less than 60 days to get Elise’s visa. We will just have to wait and see. 🙂 We are one step closer, and it feels good to be making progress.

Hurricane Ike Update

My sister and her husband got power restored to their house, my parents are still without power in northwest Houston. (My sister’s house is only six miles from my parents.) Today makes day number five without power. I check Center Point Energy’s website everyday, and slowly but surely they’re restoring power. They average about 3-6% a day in my parents’ zipcode. Hopefully they don’t have too much longer without power until then they just keep using their generator. They say they’re enjoying the cool front.

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  1. Glad all your family made it through the hurricane. I hope your parents power is restored soon.

    60 days is great. I hope the holidays don’t slow anything down. You keep getting things done faster than the norm, it’s hard not to be optimistic that you’ll have her home before the end of the year.

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