So we ordered our crib over Labor Day weekend, and it took a week to come in. When it came in, Scott unpacked the crib and found that the left headboard didn’t have threads for the screws. Luckily you could order a replacement part free of charge. The replacement headboard finally came this Thursday, September 18, so Scott and I put the crib together. As we were almost finished, I noticed that the new left headboard didn’t have any track for the drawer, but the old left headboard did. After switching the track from the old to the new left headboard, we finally had a complete crib. It was a bit of an adventure, but Scott thinks it’s a rite of passage for your first crib. Here are the pictures, so now you can see the bedding with the crib and the bird pictures hung and how it coordinates in the room.

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  1. You forgot to mention the part about how Scott and I almost died getting that thing up the stairs! Looks goood though now that it’s finished!

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