Still Waiting, Woohoo!

Originally posted May 8, 2007 on our old Vox blog.

So many people keep asking us how things are going, as Scott said we turned in the first part of our application. We sent our application to Gladney who then sent it to Carolina Adoption Services. Gladney is partnering with Carolina Adoption Services for Vietnam adoptions. I emailed our Gladney contact to see if there was anything else we should be doing, and I thought I would include her response.

Hi Annie,

To be honest, there is not all that much that you can be working on at this point other than the rest of Gladney application (medicals, agreements, etc.).  You will also need to complete the attached criminal clearances if you have not already done so.  I have forwarded your information to CAS, so they should be sending you service/fee agreements in the next few weeks.  Someone from Gladney should also be contacting in the next few weeks to schedule the homestudy.  Please let me know if you don’t hear from anyone or have any questions.  Talk soon.

So that’s where we are in the process. I know many of you are wondering what we do to keep ourselves busy. First of all, we have plenty of time to pose for pictures.

When we’re not posing for photos, I can paint pottery. I painted the lovely hippo below and a friend painted the worm. We decided it would be best to put them in the baby’s room. Woohoo, our first decorations. 🙂

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