Weekend Project

So, I’ve been dreaming of remodeling and if that dream becomes a reality I want another table, a space for kid homework and projects other than our dining room table. And our current breakfast room/play room was a mess of kid stuff including a coffee table the girls had pretty much gotten all the life out of.

This past weekend we were cleaning out the garage and finding spots for the twin beds we are no longer using. One of the twin beds (that we bought off of craigslist) used pieces of speed limit signs as support under the mattress, and I realized the bigger piece would be perfect for a table. My husband liked the idea, but was a little shocked that I wanted to make it immediately. He chose to roll with it. 🙂

So we went to home depot bought some 2x4s, galvanized pipe, floor flanges, and screws and got to work. And I love it.

I love that the table we made is counter height so the adults can stand and help with projects, cooking, etc. without bending over and breaking their backs. I love that our messy table is in the back of the house instead of by the front door. I love that my dining room table is clean. I love that it is graphic. I love that we made it. 🙂

I think next weekend we will take the smaller piece of sign and turn it into a bench for the table. Check out our project below:

The materials - the sign is about 3 ft x 5 ft
The materials – the sign is about 3 ft x 5 ft
Scott made supports for under the sign and then screwed the floor flanges into the corners and then the 1 inch pipes screw into the floor flanges.
Scott made supports to reinforce the sign; then screwed the floor flanges into the corners; and then the 1 inch pipes screw into the floor flanges.
Tada! I found 4 stools at Target. Maggie needs a booster so a concordance is working for now. :)
Tada! I found 4 stools at Target. Maggie needs a booster so a concordance is working for now. 🙂
Enjoying some lunch
Enjoying some lunch
Next weekend project - turn this into a bench
Next weekend project – turn this into a bench

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