“No, I an’t”

My Maggie is three, and she’s opinionated. When we say something she doesn’t like, she is quick to respond, “No, I an’t!” (instead of ain’t).  It’s cute because she’s three, but the older we get the response becomes less cute.

There are so many times I just want to be like Maggie and say, “No, I an’t.” I’m not doing anymore. I’m not taking one more step.


Like joining this 7 day challenge – “No, I an’t.”

Or putting whiny kids to bed –- “No, I an’t.

Leaving my house after I get home from work – “No, I an’t.”

Learning how to teach a student whose needs I have no experience with – “No, I an’t.”

Apologizing to an extremely sensitive daughter – “No, I an’t.”

Or meaning the lyrics to Oceans, “ Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander.” That sounds scary – “No, I an’t.”


But if I said no to everything that is hard, I would have nothing. If I said no to things that scared me or I thought were beyond me, I would never learn. If I said no to swallowing my pride, I would lose my relationship with my sometimes whiny and sensitive daughter.

So, what do I do instead? Besides vent a lot? I rely on the support and encouragement of my husband and close friends and lots of prayer. And I usually repeat the process several times – flip out, calm down, try again.

And thankfully, tomorrow is another chance to try again.

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