Family Dinner

Throughout our relationship, Scott and I have had different circle of friends during different phases of our life. We had circle of friends in college; some of those we have been able to stay in touch with as geography allows. Then we had a new circle post college and another one when we were engaged and newly married. Then we found ourselves moving from that circle of friends to a new one, and yet another one when we started the adoption process. And now, after starting new jobs and moving almost two years ago our circle of friends changed again.

When we get together with our current circle of friends, we call it family dinner. All our kids are there. It’s usually loud, sometimes spontaneous. We do outlandish things like family sleepovers and preparing meals that are not ready until 10 pm — outlandish to a planner. I have even started a fire in someone else’s oven. But no matter what brought us together or what happens while we are there, the time together is always life giving, restorative. It’s just what we need.

This past week each of our families dealt with some heavy issues, leaving us all worn down. So when I sent a text to give my update and check on everyone, the response was, “Want to meet for dinner tonight? I/we need a family dinner.”

I hope you have close relationships that love and support you, and selfishly I hope this circle stays intact. Family dinner – we all need it.

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