Sunday with My Girls

The first time I woke up this morning was at 3 am because my three year old was standing by my bed lamenting that she had to sleep alone. I confirmed that she did have to sleep alone and tucked her back into bed.  Next I was awakened at 5:50 because the same three year old had gone potty and wanted me to wipe her – glamorous. I had no hope of going back to sleep then, so my Sunday started earlier than planned.

The plan was to all go to the early church service, but Maggie has been fighting a cold this weekend and started complaining about her ear which meant I took sick duty and Elise and Scott went to church. I decided to make Maggie to urgent care and she’s totally fine (of course), just a cold. So, Maggie and I decide to hang out at Target until Elise gets out of church. On our way to Target, Scott calls because Elise’s stomach hurts and he’s bringing her home early — change of plans, picking up Elise.

Now what? Elise is a worrier and often that leads to stomach complaints, so I made the decision that Elise was not sick. I told her that Maggie is not sick; she just has a cold. I announced that we were going to Babies ‘R Us to pick out toys for the baby and would go to Chili’s for lunch because I had a gift card. Miraculously upon hearing those plans, Elise’s stomach started to feel better.

Those girls had so much fun picking out toys and baby paraphenelia. They picked out multiples of everything – something for a boy and something for a girl. And I think they will be smothering the baby in all the toys they picked out. Elise even picked out the Mamaroo swing because you can pick car ride or kangaroo or I don’t know what else, but Elise already knows how to work it. And they’ve made plans to come back after we find out the gender because they were dying to pick out clothes.

Then we had a nice all girls lunch at Chili’s without one stomach complaint. We even got dessert because why not. And as a special bonus both girls passed out in the car on the way home – win!

So my 3 am wake up call didn’t turn out so bad. We had a lovely all girls morning. I definitely need to plan more of those.

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