Finally a Date!

Originally posted June 26, 2007 on our old Vox blog.

So just as I was beginning to think we were doomed and would probably never have a homestudy, our new social worker, Kristin, called. Last week, I emailed the social worker in charge of the Vietnam program to tell her about our homestudy scheduling issues. She emailed me on Monday to tell me the name of our social worker and that our homestudy was being made a priority. Then Kristin called today, Tuesday, the day after Monday which is pretty good turn around.

Our homestudy is scheduled for Friday, July 6 at 11 am. We were told that it would last about three hours. We picked Friday because Scott is going out of town tomorrow, and then we are going on vacation to Galveston on Friday. We will be coming back a day early, but it’s worth it to get our homestudy done. After this, comes the foreign dossier phase which includes a lot of paperwork and mailings. We’re just glad to be moving forward with the process.

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