Originally posted July 6, 2007 on our old Vox blog.

So they only asked us a few questions…

How did you decide to adopt?
How did you pick our agency?
What age do you want to adopt?
Do you want to adopt a boy or girl?
What were your families reactions?
Does everyone in your family know?
Are they all supportive?
How long have you known each other?
How did you get together?
What kind of marriage do you have?
What’s your role in the marriage?
What are the strengths of your marriage?
What do you think your discipline and parenting style will be?
Have you heard of attachment issues?
What will you do to work with attachment issues?
Do you have a will?
Have you talked about picking legal guardians should anything happen to you?
What’s your net monthly income?
What’s your gross monthly income?
What’s your gross yearly income?
What are your debts?
What are your assets?

Then it was time for our one – on – one interview. While one of us interviewed, the other went upstairs. I’m pretty sure Scott tried to not to listen and do his own thing; me, on the other hand, I’m an eavesdropper.

What are the names and ages of your siblings? (This took me awhile.)
Who are you closest, too?
What is a happy memory from your childhood?
What is a sad memory from your childhood?
How would you describe your dad?
How are you like your dad?
How are you not like your dad?
How would you describe your mom?
How are you like your mom?
How are you not like your mom?
What is your parents’ marriage like?
How did they discipline?
Is there anything you would change about your past?
What’s your personality?
What are your challenges?
What’s your spouse’s personality?
What are your spouse’s challenges?
Is there anything you would change about your spouse?

And, she randomly asked me – what was your first job after you graduated?

After that we were finished. It was a lot of questions and a long interview (three hours), but it was interesting. Some questions we hadn’t asked ourselves or even thought about. Now, we have a lot to discuss, and we can officially begin our foreign dossier paperwork. Now, if only we could our passports back…they’ll come eventually.

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