Baby Advice

I forgot to post the advice I got at the Houston Baby Shower. The advice comes from my ten year old cousin, Hannah, and it’s matter of fact.

My cousin Laura, older sister of Hannah, motioned me over saying, “Hannah’s got this baby thing figured out.” To which I replied, “Let me write this down,” (and I did). Below are the words of Hannah.

“All you have to do is dress it. Calm it. Change it. Feed it. Sometimes, you might read to it. Wash it. Rock it to sleep – sometimes. Love it. Probably more but those are the main things.”

At the end of the shower, she added…

“When it’s older, teach it manners.”

I think I can handle that. Thanks Hannah!

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  1. I don’t have any experience with babies but it seems like good advice to me as well!

    Also, i believe Hannah and i have something in common…that is our use of the pronoun ‘it’ when referring to babies 🙂

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