Our little Ca$h Cow

So on Sunday, we were eating breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and one of the waitresses pointed to Elise’s ears. The waitress said, “In future, will be rich.” Then Monday while at the SOS clinic, Thu said the same thing. It’s Vietnamese tradition to say that big ears means in the future means you will be rich, so that’s good news for us. They also said it means Elise will take care of us in our old age because she’ll have the means to do it. 🙂 Who knew?

Anyway, when we get back to the states, we will start a betting pool to take bets on what her profession will be. A year ago, piano prodigy was thrown out. I made her watch Shawn Johnson on an Ellen re-run yesterday because I think she’ll be the perfect size for gymnastics. Then she could charge outrageous appearance fees. 🙂 Well, just think about it.

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  1. This has to be world record for the fastest trip to Vietnam and back! I hope you get back on Christmas! What a special Christmas it will be! Can’t wait to meet Elise. Congratulations! Margaret

  2. We can’t wait to meet Elise! Sounds like your trip is an amazing experience. I’ve really enjoyed reading your experiences over the past 18+ months. We can’t wait..safe travels home and Merry Christmas!

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