This is the online home of Scott and Annie McClellan. We use this blog to keep you posted on our comings and goings, activities, and high jinks. We started blogging during our adoption journey to bring Elise into our family, and we completed the adoption process December 18, 2008. But that’s not the end of the story.

As a family of 5,  Elise (born, June 11, 2008), Maggie (born May 11, 2011), and Jack (born June 16, 2015) we get numerous opportunities to guide our children through learning how to relate to each other and us. And as you can expect, adding a third child further amplified the noise level, so it’s never a dull moment and rarely a quiet one. 🙂

SCOTT: I’m a writer, editor, conference director, occasional speaker, family man, and fellow of infinite jest. I’m the Communications Pastor at Irving Bible Church. Whatever free time I have belongs to my family, writing, reading, various side projects, whatever I can help you with, making poor dietary decisions, etc.

In March 2013, my first book hit the physical and digital shelves. It’s called Tell Me a Story: Finding God (and Ourselves) Through Narrative. I’ll try to keep this page updated (along with the rest of the site) with the latest news about the book, but you can also subscribe to my mailing list to make sure you don’t miss anything.


ANNIE: After teaching Deaf Ed for ten years, I am now work as a stay-at-home wife and mom and part-time substitute teacher. I actually taught 8 years, stayed home for 2, taught for 2, and now am home again. We will see how long staying home sticks this time.

In the past I blogged at tapestryministry.org/blog. Now I mainly blog here, mcclellantown.com, sometimes my thoughts but mostly about style because I like it and it’s fun. Thanks to my girls, I became a prolific consumer of fairies, princesses, ballerinas and all things pink, but with the girls growing up and the addition of our son I am not as overrun with pink now.

(All photos courtesy of Lisa Marie Photography)

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