Summer Style

Between TCU being in the super regionals and the College World Series, going to the pool almost everyday, and volunteering at my church’s VBS, my outfits have consisted of mainly t-shirts and swimsuits of which I’ll spare you. Here are the highlights of the past two weeks:

Saturday – Khaki shorts, bright floral tank, and sandals so I would be cool and comfortable while running around at my daughter’s birthday party.
Sunday – Black striped top, lavender cropped skinny jeans, and black TOMs wedges
Monday – Gray knit blazer, black and white striped tank, cuffed jeans, and black TOMs wedges – perfect for hanging out with the girls or just at home when the girls have to cancel
Wednesday – Black short sleeve cotton dress with black sandals – I wore this for my daughter’s fun filled day over my swimsuit because I have issue with wearing multiple outfits a day. I like to get dressed and be done.
Thursday – White short sleeve tunic, mint cropped skinny jeans, gladiator sandals, silver accessories
Saturday – another t-shirt, shorts, and sandals for a family brunch birthday party and bbq dinner at my brother’s
Tuesday – Pink/red aline dress with black strappy wedges and gold & black accessories – ready for dinner out with my husband
Friday – Black shorts, teal top, and black strappy wedges (wedges are becoming a staple this summer) – ready for girls night

Week in Review

I started of the weekend with a TCU regional baseball game. We won and are in the super regionals, but I decided to spare you from another outfit picture of a purple TCU shirt. ๐Ÿ™‚ This week (5/31-6/6) ย also kicked off my social calendar. A lot of my friends are teachers so now that school is out we have time to hang out. I am not usually so busy.

Sunday – I wore a pink sleeveless v-neck blouse with a navy and white striped skirt and white and silver sandals. It was perfect for church and a rooftop dinner with friends.
Monday – I chose a gray tunic, leggings, and sandals because I was too worn out from my first Pilates class in five months to wear anything more structured.
Tuesday – For my birthday, I wore a black silk tank, sequined skirt, and strappy wedges. I wore it all day. ๐Ÿ™‚
Wednesday – I chose a long white tank, khaki shorts, and gladiator sandals. Shorts will be making many appearances now that we are getting into summer temps.
Thursday – For dinner with friends and then drinks with another friends, I chose a floral cotton tank dress with a coordinating cardiac and gold sandals.
Friday – For a retirement party for a former boss, I chose a long black maxi, black strappy wedges, and gold jewelry. Perfect for when my friend wanted to grab sushi after the party.

A Week in Review

My last week subbingโ€ฆ.we are ready for summer.

Saturday – I wore lavendar cropped skinny jeans with a color blocked orange and lavendar shirt and tan gladiator sandals. This blogger had the same idea about color combinations.
Sunday – Yellow and gray patterned maxi dress with silver sparkly belt and silver sandals – perfect for church and dinner with our new neighbors.
Monday – I celebrated TCU being the BIG 12 champions in baseball. The regional playoffs are this coming weekend so expect more TCU purple.
Tuesday – Blue floral patterned tunic from Boden (probably 3-4 years ago), black leggings, and sandals
Wednesday – khakis, wedges, and a navy sleeveless, surplice, with ruching shirt – I have had this shirt forever and it’s very forgiving; I wore it all the time after I had Maggie who is now 3.
Thursday – Cropped capris, black and white striped tank, turquoise cardigan, and black TOMS wedges
Friday – Admist the Barbie explosion, I wore mint cropped skinny jeans, ivory button down blouse, nude skinny belt, and nude sandals. Later the girls thought I needed hats while I helped find the sprinkler leak which just means I yelled yes or no until I saw water gushing – talent. ๐Ÿ™‚

A Week in Review

We had a busy weekend followed by a full week – Elise’s last softball game, meeting a friend’s baby, taking a state teacher test (which I passed and can add to my other certifications), and a music program at Elise’s school

Saturday – We met a precious baby and the girls loved him. I wore navy shorts with this pink and orange patterned shirt and gold sandals. I got hit by a migraine that evening hence the clothes laid out for the photo.
Sunday – I took a state teacher test and wanted to be comfortable, so I chose white jeans, gray t-shirt, and my brown gladiator sandals.
Monday – I loved my outfit from Sunday so much that I tried another version of it for work. I chose cuffed white khakis, chambray button down shirt, and tan gladiator sandals.
Tuesday – I did not have to sub so I chose a ruffly dress that I threw a turquoise t-shirt over and added my white converse. I was pleased with how the outfit turned out.
Wednesday, I chose a sleeveless silk polka dot dress and paired it with nude flats with a silver cap toe. My mom bought this dress for me maybe 4 years ago, so I was happy that it finally fit again 3 years post baby. I had squeezed into it for a few hours before, but it fit comfortably all day. ๐Ÿ™‚
Thursday – I chose khaki cuffed pants, turquoise shirt, and shiny gold oxfords. My husband was out on the oxfords, but I once added gold jewelry he said I made the shoes work, ha. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I got the oxfords from Target their Sam and LIbby brand.)
Friday – I went to sub but volunteered to come home since they had too many deaf ed subs. I chose coral/orange skinny jeans, a white rolled-sleeved tunic, and white/silver Sam & Libby sandals. Perfect for a casual Friday at work or hanging out at the mall with your 3 year old.


A Week in Review

Well this post got away from me, but here is another week – Mother’s Day weekend and subbing at an elementary school…

Saturday – I wore a gray t-shirt blouse with a printed back, denim shorts and sandals. I did not wear sunscreen and I got a little burned. It’s getting hot here.
Sunday – I needed something purple for the TCU baseball game. I remembered that I have a purple dress, but I don’t love how clingy the material is anymore so I layered (like I saw done here). I wore my purple dress under a gray maxi. I added a belt and paired it with sandals.
Monday in a preschool classroom – Patterned top, cropped dress pants, and black sandals
Tuesday – I think my husband had a meeting so I didn’t have someone to take my photo and I was too tired to wait for him to get home. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wore a yellow and gray striped t-shirt with a denim jacket, gray khakis, and gray oxfords. I try not to be so matchy matchy but oh well.
Wednesday – I like to plan my work outfits out a head of time. So when I had a scheduling mix up and really needed to be at work instead of home, I just grabbed this outfit and was ready to go in 5 minutes. I wore a black and white striped maxi, green t-shirt, denim jacket, black sandals and a belt.
Thursday – I took the day off to get some long overdue appointments in. It was chilly in the morning so I wore a cardigan with my navy maxi dress that I belted with a nude belt and paired with nude sandals.
Friday – I took this day off too for field day. Elise had been sad that I didn’t make it any of her spring field trips so I made sure I made it to field day. We had matching shirts.
Friday – After getting hot and sticky at field day, I just wanted something that felt light and breezy, so I chose this floral dress and my silver sandals.

A Week in Review

My last week subbing at the middle school for another teacher’s maternity leave …

Saturday we were so busy with family, softball, and Maggie’s party that I forgot to snap a picture. I wore a black cotton dress and sandals all day.
Sunday, I wore gray shorts, purplish top, and my black sandals again.
Monday – Cinco de Mayo – After finally taking my clothes to the dry cleaners, I rediscovered my belted, cobalt blue dress and paired it with tan gladiator sandals.
Tuesday – I wore a black silk sleeveless blouse, cuffed skinny jeans, and my black sandals.
Wednesday – I wore an open stitch ivory sleeveless sweater with a striped cardigan, metallic flecked (its subtle) skinny jeans, and strappy metallic wedges.
Thursday – I wore a printed, belted blouse that was one of my first purchases from Anthropologie, skinny jeans, and snake print wedges – photo bombed by Maggie.
Friday – I had a day off and after running around in a t-shirt and shorts all day I changed into white skinny jeans, a floral print silk blouse, and nude sandals for dinner with friends.

A Week in Review

Last week was a bit chilly in the morning, so it worked out well for me that I planned outfits with jackets. I also got some lovely commentary from my youngest daughter. She usually wakes up before 6 am and hangs out with my while I get ready. I didn’t know she would feel so strongly about my shoes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday – denim shorts, light chambray shirt, and white converse or gold sandals – I wore the converse to the softball game which came in handy since I helped out in the dug out, then I switched to sandals for the rest of the day.
Sunday – boot cut jeans, white blouse, and metallic wedges but then I got too hot and switched the jeans and wedges for olive green shorts and brown sandals
Monday – I went for more pattern mixing. I found this pink t-shirt with blue stripes on clearance at Target, so I put it with my leopard print cobalt skit, black cardigan, black skinny belt and sandals. No one looked at me like I was crazy, so the mixing of patterns went over okay.
Tuesday – I have black khakis, a patterned sleeveless shirt with a 3/4 sleeve jacket, and patten slingback heels. I had to wear heels because my pants are too long, but I wish I could have worn flats. My feet were tired after walking all over school. Oh, and Maggie told me I looked like a movie star, so she approved. ๐Ÿ™‚
Wednesday – This outfit is brought to you by Coldwater Creek (the denim jacket and the black maxi skirt). I guess once you are over 30; it’s time to explore more mature stores. And I wore my only flat black sandals again which Maggie threw a fit over. She said, “No! You wore those last day!” (And I’m going to keep wearing them, dear.)
Thursday – I wore khakis with a denim jacket and a black and white striped t-shirt. I wore some heeled sandals because again these pants are too long and again my feet were tired, oh well.

A Week in Review

Ahh, the week of Easter was a busy weekend. And then at work we had to give the STAAR test so we got to wear jeans all week – so nice. I chose to wear a different pair of colored jeans each day, and a co-worker instead that they didn’t count as jeans and were pants. Either way, I got to wear the jeans I wanted to and I spared you the picture of Friday in the school shirt.

Saturday – I wore a long sleeve stripe shirt with lace appliquรฉ, grey metallic jeans, and sandals which got me through a softball game and Easter festivities at the church.
Sunday – For Easter Sunday, I wore this long comfortable dress. I like that it looks like a water color and has a black sash. And I’m glad I got to wear to church because last I wore the same dress but had to leave when my youngest started vomiting. Luckily that did not repeat itself.
Monday – orange cropped skinny jeans, sequin striped shell with neutral cardigan, cork looking flats with silver cap toe
Tuesday – white skinny jeans, mixed print t-shirt, and Cath Kidston plimsolls
Wednesday – mint green skinny cropped jeans, white t-shirt, and Cath Kidston plimsolls
Thursday – lavender cropped skinny jeans, grey t-shirt with sequin pocket, denim jacket, and sandals


A Week in Review

Last week was full of yard work (so I spared you how I looked on Saturday), and the middle school where I am subbing had “dress up” days to get ready for STAAR testing. I participated so I could wear jeans; all I had to do was where certain kinds of t-shirts. I could handle that.

Sunday – I mixed patterns. I wore a cobalt blue cheetah print skirt, black and white striped tank, black 3/4 sleeve jacket, and black patent sling back heels. I wish I had been able to get another color in there; maybe next time. Inspiration
Monday – Rock the STAAR, Rock Band Shirt – I borrowed a Black Keys shirt from the girls’ baby-sitter who lives down the street. And it was cold that day so I used my faux leather jacket, jeans, and black booties.
Tuesday – Superhero Shirt – I borrowed Scott’s shirt so I had to channel the 80s and tie it up in the corner; I didn’t want to look like a total slob. And of course, I wore jeans and my Cath Kidston pimsolls.
Wednesday – Sports Team Shirt – I went with my Andy Dalton (TCU alum) Bengals’s jersey since it was a Christmas gift from a brother. I wanted to wear white jeans but neglected to notice that the pair I bought were distressed – teachers can’t wear that in school. Sigh, so black jeans and white converse it is.
Thursday – Good Luck, Green Shirt – I had an interview at an elementary school so I wore a more professional shirt with my jeans. (I was told to just mention I was subbing and that’s why I was in jeans. The principal understood.) So, floral silk button down blouse, trouser jeans, skinny nude belt, and nude flats.
Friday – School Shirt Day – Normally I don’t include this outfit, but the girls took my picture. My husband went to a baseball game and my eldest daughter remembered I had been taking pictures and offered to take one. She took the one on the left and my youngest took the one on the right where I’m being photo bombed by my oldest. ๐Ÿ™‚



A Week in Review

Saturday – A striped tunic, gray leggings, patterned scarf, denim jacket and pimsolls to meet friends
Sunday – Got one last sweater day in with my vintage duck sweater over a white collared shirt, flared jeans and cowgirl boots
Monday – Peter pan collar shirt with olive green skinnies and brown boots
Tuesday – I liked this outfit but I couldn’t make it work with what I had. So I went with my own variation – navy striped v-neck tshirt, cropped navy jacket, gray khakis, and brown cowgirl boots.
Wednesday – This was my inspiration for my black fitted jacket with rolled up sleeves, gray shirt, cropped black pants, and cap toed flats
Thursday – I based my outfit off of this one, but I couldn’t be as casual. Black pencil skirt, gray striped shirt, denim jacket, and white pattern flats – this went from teaching to meeting friends for dinner.
Friday – Gray v-neck with patterned back, black jeggings, and leopard flats