Weekend Wear


A Look Ahead

Working all five days this week … Monday for training and then my normal work days at the preschool Tuesday – Friday. Hoping all my children are finally all healthy and my husband and both make it to work all the days. We will see.

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Weekend Wear

I count my weekends as Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and sometimes I have a mental plan and sometimes I don’t. I just like to be comfortable and sometimes be dressy casual for church and definitely atheleisure for Pilates on Monday. 🙂





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Sick kids are throwing me off my game but here’s how two weeks of my outfit planning for school has worked out for me 🙂







A Look Ahead

Everyone had the day off on Monday, so I’m a little behind on putting my outfits together. I feel better now that I’ve done it. 🙂

I pulled out leggings, cardigans, over the knee boots, and my favorite sneakers. It’s a lot of black with neutrals and corals/pinks. When I attempted to overhaul my closet this summer, I noticed shades of coral and pink were the most common color (when you don’t count neutrals – black, gray, white, navy, brown)  in my closet. I guess I like it. 🙂

Many of my items have been around for a while but leopard cardigan and over the knee boots I picked up this year. You can shop those exact items and similar items here.


A Look Ahead

Here are my plans for the week … lots of sweaters and leggings and neutrals 🙂

You can check out the items here or below. Thanks!


This Week on Instagram

I wore some clothes, learned about Limelight by Alcone makeup, and cooked ONE meal (that I wanted to take a picture of – leftovers and burgers aren’t as exciting). I plan on cooking 3-4 next week. 🙂