A Week in Review

We had a busy weekend followed by a full week – Elise’s last softball game, meeting a friend’s baby, taking a state teacher test (which I passed and can add to my other certifications), and a music program at Elise’s school

Saturday – We met a precious baby and the girls loved him. I wore navy shorts with this pink and orange patterned shirt and gold sandals. I got hit by a migraine that evening hence the clothes laid out for the photo.
Sunday – I took a state teacher test and wanted to be comfortable, so I chose white jeans, gray t-shirt, and my brown gladiator sandals.
Monday – I loved my outfit from Sunday so much that I tried another version of it for work. I chose cuffed white khakis, chambray button down shirt, and tan gladiator sandals.
Tuesday – I did not have to sub so I chose a ruffly dress that I threw a turquoise t-shirt over and added my white converse. I was pleased with how the outfit turned out.
Wednesday, I chose a sleeveless silk polka dot dress and paired it with nude flats with a silver cap toe. My mom bought this dress for me maybe 4 years ago, so I was happy that it finally fit again 3 years post baby. I had squeezed into it for a few hours before, but it fit comfortably all day. ๐Ÿ™‚
Thursday – I chose khaki cuffed pants, turquoise shirt, and shiny gold oxfords. My husband was out on the oxfords, but I once added gold jewelry he said I made the shoes work, ha. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I got the oxfords from Target their Sam and LIbby brand.)
Friday – I went to sub but volunteered to come home since they had too many deaf ed subs. I chose coral/orange skinny jeans, a white rolled-sleeved tunic, and white/silver Sam & Libby sandals. Perfect for a casual Friday at work or hanging out at the mall with your 3 year old.


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