McClellan Town Gets A Facelift

Annie and I decided that McClellan Town was looking a little tired so I took a stab at a new look. Of course, I’m a desperate wannabe when it comes to web design, so I just picked out a new WordPress theme and made a few tweaks to it. More to come … at some point … probably.

I hope you like it.


Yes, Elise is cute and smart and more fun than a barrell full of monkeys. But all you parents out there know that having a cute little kiddo isn’t all fun and games. Here’s documentation of the dramatic fits Elise has been concocting lately:

Baby Steps

Believe it or not, the little girl has started taking a few steps at a time. Of course, Elise didn’t make it easy on us when we tried to capture it on video, but eventually we got some video evidence of her newfound upright mobility. See for yourself (if you have five minutes to spare):

Baby Steps from Scott McClellan on Vimeo.

The Climber

Yesterday we found out that Elise is a much better climber than we thought. Maybe someone will buy her a helmet for her birthday …

Video: Box and Bouncing

As usual, I’m behind on editing and posting videos. In our latest installment, Elise explores a big cardboard box and then she bounces around the living room on Annie’s back.

The first part of the video, the box part, is pretty low key. Why did we have a huge cardboard box in our living room? Our dog ate our old patio furniture, and our new patio furniture was delivered in those big boxes.

In the second part of the video, you can tell Elise is enjoying her ride on Annie’s back because she’s laughing maniacally. It doesn’t take much to make that kid giggle.

There are a few more videos to come, so stay tuned!

Elise And Music

(First, it feels like we’re so busy chasing Elise around the house and documenting every moment of her exciting little life that it’s hard to actually find time to post all of the pictures and videos we capture. Allow me to play catch up this week by throwing a few videos at you.)

Elise has always been a big fan of music, but lately she has developed some dance moves to go along with her love of music. Check out these three videos:

Song & Dance from Scott McClellan on Vimeo.

Song & Dance Part 2 from Scott McClellan on Vimeo.

Song & Dance Part 3 from Scott McClellan on Vimeo.

Another fun thing Elise has developed is a habit of dropping things on the floor and then saying something resembling “uh oh.” Of course, it sounds more like “uh eh.” I think it translates to, “Pick that up for me so I can drop it again.”

Uh Oh from Scott McClellan on Vimeo.

I Just Like These Pictures

I’m really thankful for the opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with Elise while working from home for four weeks. She’s growing and doing amazing things all the time, and I’m getting to know her, which is fantastic. I don’t have much to say in this post, I just like these pictures that I snapped on my iPhone while we hung out at home last week: