Over the summer, we finally decided we were ready for a third child, but I never expect a positive pregnancy test. One Friday in October, I got sick with a stomach bug, so I thought. My teacher assistant at work was convinced I was pregnant, and I kept shrugging her off. Then over the weekend I did the math and well it looked like I needed to take a pregnancy test.

So Tuesday morning, I took the test. When Scott woke up, I told him I took a test. He said, “And????” I said, “How do you feel about June 15?” Luckily, he was happy; I was still in shock.

Sometimes I’m still in shock. I’m teaching full time this year and will continue teaching full time which means we will have 3 kids in 3 different places – makes me wonder what I was thinking. But it’s one of those things where you can’t picture what your life will look like or how it will work until you’re in it.

Now I am almost 20 weeks, and we are preparing our home for our third child – re-organzing, moving furniture, purging, and preparing the girls. Elise is 6 and she has an idea of what’s coming. Maggie is 3 and she has no clue. Just last night Maggie said she would share mommy with daddy, Katniss (the cat), and Elise but not the baby. Clearly, this summer will be tons of fun helping Maggie adjust. 🙂

We told the girls after my 8 week sonogram that I was pregnant. This video captures their personalities perfectly. Enjoy!

Telling Elise and Maggie pt. 1 from Scott McClellan on Vimeo.

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